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Kodice LLC Introduces 1ClickVPN: Your Ultimate Chrome Extension for Fast and Secure Browsing

Kodice LLC, a software development company based in the UAE, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, 1ClickVPN, a cutting-edge VPN Chrome Extension designed to revolutionize the way users experience online security and privacy.

Easy, Fast, and Seamless Integration: 1ClickVPN stands out for its unparalleled user experience – it’s incredibly easy to use, fast, and seamlessly integrates into the Chrome browser. With just one click, users can enjoy a secure and private browsing experience, thanks to the extension’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface.

The VPN available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. More platforms to come shortly.

Free and Premium Servers: 1ClickVPN offers a range of free-of-charge servers, making it an accessible Free VPN for Chrome users. For those seeking enhanced performance and additional features, premium servers are available at an incredibly affordable rate.

Exceptional Features and Future Developments: Kodice LLC is committed to providing a top-notch VPN experience and has exciting features in the pipeline for 1ClickVPN. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming releases that promise to further elevate your online security and browsing capabilities.

As a gesture of appreciation for early adopters, the company will be rolling out special offers exclusively for current users.

About Kodice LLC: Kodice LLC is a dynamic software development company based in the UAE, known for delivering innovative solutions that enhance the digital experience. Learn more about Kodice LLC and explore their range of products at

Get Started with 1ClickVPN Today: Download 1ClickVPN now and experience a new level of online security and freedom. Visit to install the extension.


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