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Czech Energy Startup Delta Green Secures €2.2 Million to Help Households Save on Local Renewable Electricity

Prague, Czech Republic – May 28, 2024 – Good news for European households looking to save money and support renewable energy! Delta Green, a Czech energy tech company, has secured €2.2 million in funding to expand its innovative solution that allows homes to participate in grid balancing and reduce electricity costs.

This investment, led by Tilia Impact Ventures, will fuel Delta Green’s growth across Western Europe and further develop their groundbreaking software. “We’re thrilled about this partnership,” said Jan Hicl, Delta Green’s co-founder. “The funds will help us finalize our software, expand westward, and hire new talent, especially software developers.”

Delta Green’s technology tackles a key challenge in integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind into the power grid – their intermittent nature can cause fluctuations. Their solution treats households equipped with solar panels, batteries, or electric vehicles as a giant virtual battery, helping to balance the grid. This could lead to significant savings for these homes, potentially reaching hundreds of euros annually.

“Delta Green’s approach is a game-changer,” said Andrew Gray, General Partner at Tilia Impact Ventures. “By incorporating households into grid balancing, they’re paving the way for a cleaner energy future and potentially lower electricity bills for everyone.”

Delta Green is a leader in energy flexibility aggregation. Their technology allows for a massive increase in renewable energy on the grid without compromising stability. “We’re replacing fossil fuel power plants with everyday households,” explained David Brožík, Delta Green’s co-founder.

The company has seen rapid progress in recent months. After a successful pilot test demonstrating household participation in grid balancing, they’re aiming for a full launch by the end of the year. Initially targeting Czech households with a goal of aggregating tens of megawatts, Delta Green has ambitious plans to expand across Europe, managing hundreds of megawatts in the future.

This innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize the energy sector, empowering households to contribute to a cleaner and more affordable energy future.


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