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Cancer company multi4 is “The Start-up Company of the Year” in the Nordic region

The cancer company Multi4 AB won “The start-up Company of the year” in competition against >900 companies in the Nordic region!

The competition is organised by Techarenan and 30 finalists competed in Almedalen for the prestigious title.

-“It’s fantastic that our brand new automated technology for cancer treatment has won! Everyone is a winner with the Multi4 instrument! Healthcare and society make a big cost saving, but the biggest winner is the patients who avoid long waiting times and can get their cancer treatment immediately at their first visit,” says Miden Melle-Hannah, double specialist in urology and surgery.

Cancer company Multi4 has developed a world-first technology for automated cancer treatment

The company has developed a patented and world-first technology for fast and easy cancer treatment via endoscopy. It is the first in the world to develop an automated technique that automatically transports the cancerous tissue out of the instrument and into a special container, making it easier for the pathologist to make the correct diagnosis. The technology and the company have received several national and international awards and in Feb 2020 they won the Quality innovation Award worldwide in competition against some 20 countries, where the new technology and instrument received a lot of attention.

The new tool brings enormous patient benefits as patients can receive their cancer treatment without long waiting times, avoid back anaesthesia or sedation and can go home immediately afterwards.

Preparations are currently underway to start operating with the new instrument on patients with bladder cancer at the Urology Clinic at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Multi4 has a partnership with RISE Research Institute and Sahlgrenska University Hospital through Vinnova and EU collaborative projects.


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