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Babbel Enhances Language Learning Ecosystem through Toucan Acquisition

Babbel, the prominent language learning platform, is expanding its repertoire by acquiring the innovative Toucan browser extension, a move that marks a significant development in the world of online language learning. The financial details of this acquisition remain undisclosed.

Based in Berlin, with a North American office located in New York, Babbel has been a trailblazer in creating an interconnected ecosystem of online language learning experiences. Their approach is centered around enabling users to apply their newfound language skills in real-world scenarios, with real people, thus making the learning process more practical and immersive.

Babbel boasts an impressive portfolio of over 60,000 lessons spanning across 15 different languages. These lessons are meticulously curated by a team of over 200 didactics experts, and user interactions are continuously analyzed to enhance and refine the learning experience. To date, Babbel has successfully sold more than 16 million subscriptions.

Toucan, on the other hand, has made waves with its browser extension, designed to empower language learners. This extension allows individuals to seamlessly practice and reinforce their vocabulary while surfing the internet. It achieves this by automatically translating specific words and phrases on web pages into one of eleven languages.

The brilliance of Toucan lies in its unobtrusive nature, seamlessly integrating into users’ daily browsing activities. There’s no need for learners to carve out dedicated time for language practice. The extension also tracks progress and enables users to save words for future review.

In the context of Babbel’s language learning ecosystem, Toucan plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the vocabulary acquired through Babbel’s self-study courses or live classes. While the browser extension will continue to be available as a standalone feature, it will eventually become an integral part of the broader Babbel ecosystem.

Julie Hansen, the CEO and CRO of Babbel in the United States, expressed her excitement about the acquisition, saying, “Toucan’s founders have crafted an exceptional learning experience that has guided millions on their language learning journeys. By incorporating it into Babbel’s comprehensive platform and offering it alongside our diverse array of learning experiences, we will bolster the product, benefiting both our learners and those of Toucan. Combining various learning methodologies has been instrumental in achieving success in language learning.”

Taylor Harlow, Co-founder and CEO of Toucan, added his perspective, stating, “We take immense pride in our accomplishments over the years and in how we have influenced the online language learning landscape. Toucan’s core values of wonder, empathy, and impact have always guided us. That’s why we firmly believe that Babbel, a company that shares these values and prioritizes the needs of learners, is the perfect choice to carry forward our vision, expanding its reach and impact even further.”


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