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What makes a hotel smart?

Because the hotel’s furnishings communicate with each other, they can interact with each other. For example, before the air conditioning starts to cool, the system commands the sunshade to open.
checks that the windows are closed before starting the cooling, if necessary notifying (e.g. by e-mail) the receptionist.

Eliminates the need to install some systems in parallel. For example, using the same wind gauge to draw in sunshades, control the irrigation system andand heating, or the same room temperature sensor can control heating, air conditioning and blinds. It helps keep running costs and energy consumption to a minimum. It “recognises” the needs, habits and even the presence of guests. Helps hotel occupants in the dark.

For example, it switches on lights on the expected route for the time of passage, reduces energy consumption in unused rooms. While smart homes adapt to our habits, they learn our favourite lighting settingsour daily and weekly routines, smart hotels listen to when new guests arrive who will have different preferences than the smart home occupants.
So that the spaces used by the guest are accessible from a single in-room interface, and can be reviewed and controlled at the same time.

A smart building controller is a programmable control unit that is open to almost all industry standards. The controller enables sophisticated program control from smartphones, tablets and, but of course the traditional (wall switch) access is still possible. The Innohotel and its accessories are highly scalable, so that even small guesthouses
hotels, but also for large, multi-storey hotels. Peripherals, sensors and actuators are connected to the central unit to create (through sensors and
actuators) the intelligent system.

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