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Take action with heart for a sustainable future, for the well-being of us all!

World Women Entrepreneurship Day will be organised for the second time in 2019 to celebrate women’s economic
independenceempowerment and social participation of

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day ( ) is an international campaign focusing on key global or local issues in 144 countries around the world. It calls for the empowerment, encouragement, support and celebration of entrepreneurship.women entrepreneurs, women’s entrepreneurship and women’s social causes. As women devote a significant part of their financial and emotional resources to their children, their families and their communities, they should be encouraged, supported and promoted.well-being of their children, they are sensitive to the issue of equal opportunities.It is essential that women have equal influence on decisions affecting sustainability and well-being at national, international and global level.

The campaign’s ambassador in Hungary, Kata Keveházi, President of the JÓL-LÉT Foundation, who is the organiser of the campaign, will be responsible for the campaign’sa transparent, quantifiable, women-friendly, cooperative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible society.ecosystem, which will eliminate the discrimination of women and men in the workplace.The aim is to create a framework that will remove mental, attitudinal, physical and financial barriers to women’s entrepreneurship. Their aim is to facilitate dialogue, information and exchange between investors, developers and contribute to the clarification and establishment of a qualitative, methodological and ethical basis.

This year’s celebration programme will showcase the diversity of women’s entrepreneurship through 28 parallel workshops, round table discussions, an arts programme and one-to-one mentoring. Through interactive programmes, participants can also contribute to the success of all of us.

“For women, it’s important to have things of the heart, to connect with others, to care for their loved ones. Our natural aspirations and the development of our talents are sometimes constrained by barriers, both external and internal.
In experiencing liberation, we mobilise powerful forces – individually and socially. In this age of women’s empowerment, many of us have a burning desire to finally give shape to our dreams. We feel that we could move mountains with our inner fire. The joy of enthusiasm is contagious, and when the brave flare of a confident woman is supported by the environment in which she lives, she grows with it, in everything and everyone around her.

The time has come when the world needs the heart of a woman, and we can have a real influence on its destiny if we work to make it a better place.nce we have a truly important value, we can provide real solutions
for a viable and sustainable future.

World Women Entrepreneurship Day is a day to raise awareness of our creative energies and our role, and to build on them to help each otherand taking responsibility for each other, so that we can have a meaningful
say in shaping the destiny of the world.”

For more information on the event, see the programme below and visit the World Day programme page and FB page. Due to the parallel programmes, we suggest you make your own personal menu. Registration is required and is valid after ticket purchase. You can register HERE!

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