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Awning – Real Estate Brokerage for Investors

Awning – Real Estate Brokerage For Investors

We are a real estate startup helping investors find, analyze, buy, furnish and manage short-term rentals and Airbnbs all over the United States.

Shri Ganeshram, CEO and Founder of

Forbes 30 Under 30 Award
Investor and founding member at Eaze

Y Combinator W13. Former SVP Technology & Data / Employee #2 @ Eaze. 

Managing Partner @ Fresh VC (
Former CTO and Founder of FlightCar ($40M+ funding). 

Dropped out in 11th grade to matriculate early to MIT. 
Won 1st in Texas State UIL Mathematics and Number Sense (mental math) competitions.

What is your startup about? helps investors find, analyze, purchase, furnish, and manage rental properties.

What is the story behind your company?

My co-founder Danaus and I originally came up with the idea for Awning when realizing that investing in rental properties was a full-time job, while you could invest in riskier assets like stocks and startups with a click of a button. We interviewed many of their friends and others and learned that many people wanted to invest in real estate like them but didn’t because they didn’t have the time to commit or the knowledge necessary to do so. We decided to build Awning to solve this problem and make real estate investing accessible by building technology and a service that does a lot of the heavy lifting for its customers. 

Since then we’ve added a free Airbnb estimator, short-term rental analysis, and property management for vacation rentals to help our customers achieve truly passive income.

What does success mean to you and your company?

We’re working hard to help investors buy 100,000 rental and Airbnb properties.

What is your plan of action for the next 5 years to sustain and grow your business?

In the next five years, will continue to add services and products that help investors get the best properties and passively manage them.

Who are your biggest competitors, and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

Zillow is our biggest competitor on search, we are targeting investors and building tools for them. Vacasa is our biggest competitor for Airbnb property management, we are lowering costs and making services available nationwide.


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