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Astanor Ventures Secures €360 Million for Second Fund, Fueling Sustainable Bioeconomy

Belgium-based Astanor Ventures has achieved a significant milestone today by successfully closing its second venture fund, amassing a substantial €360 million in commitments.

Astanor Ventures is on a mission to drive transformative change within the agrifood tech sector through the power of impact investing, with a primary focus on cultivating a sustainable bioeconomy.

The core philosophy of the company revolves around supporting early-stage enterprises that are driven by a clear social or environmental purpose and have harnessed innovative, “nature-positive” solutions to address these challenges. Astanor Ventures has actively invested in more than 45 such companies on a global scale.

Notable investments in their portfolio include:

  1. Hyris (Italy), which pioneers genetic testing of biological samples in diverse environments and at any time.
  2. Calyxia (France), a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing sustainable microcapsules.
  3. MagrowTech (Ireland), renowned for its magnetic assist technology that empowers growers to reduce chemical usage while efficiently spraying crops.

Over the past six years, Astanor Ventures has cultivated a diverse portfolio of funds, collectively amounting to an impressive €800 million. This achievement is a testament to the expertise of their team and the unwavering support of substantial investments from esteemed family offices and repeat institutional investors.

Astanor Ventures draws strength from an extensive network of entrepreneurs, domain experts, scientists, thought leaders, and policymakers, with a specific emphasis on solutions that promote regenerative agriculture.

Eric Archambeau, co-founder and partner of Astanor, expressed his enthusiasm about the fund’s successful closure, stating, “We are elated to announce the successful conclusion of our second venture fund, reaffirming Astanor’s enduring presence in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. In our quest to identify promising investment opportunities, our approach remains rooted in seeking out highly disruptive and scalable business models, driven by visionary entrepreneurs who share our commitment to sustainable and resilient agrifood and bioeconomy systems.”

Astanor Ventures stands firm in its belief that every investment made has the potential to play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. This unwavering dedication to creating a positive impact is a guiding principle that permeates every investment decision and action taken by the company.


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