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Science-intensive business ideas are invited to apply to UniLab

Start-ups and innovators are invited to apply for participation in the incubator “UniLab” jointly established by Riga Technical University (RTU) and the University of Latvia (UL) until 24 February. Its aim is to promote the development of science-intensive business ideas and the creation of new companies with high added value.

Incubator teams are supported in the development and initial testing of ideas, preparing them for the next phase of development – attracting private or public investment. The incubator offers teams expert advice (for business plan preparation, market research, organising working groups, technological expertise and team building), training, external expertise, technological expertise and funding for business idea development.

To apply, the team must include at least one RTU or LU student and represent a STEM field – science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Not all participants have to be students, teams can also include researchers, professors and professionals in the field.

For more information and to apply:

17 teams have already started in the University Incubator, with successful projects such as the Ag Vibez vibration choreography shirts, Humico soil productivity solution, Willeg wave energy converter, Molular Drive – the solution, a solution that provides simple power and mass management for electric vehicle engines, NavHome, a service automation system for underwater equipment inspection, TexTech, a technology for analysing human mental states using smart fabric sensors and artificial intelligence, and others.

“Our vision is to change the world. I want to see a world where eight billion people have the opportunity to assess their emotional state independently or remotely with a therapist on a daily basis,” says Airita Erte, founder of TexTech. “In the UniLab programme, we developed a theoretical technology to a first prototype over six months. It was important not only to develop the idea, but also to assess the demand for our product. It was valuable to hear from leading Latvian and European experts in the field. Their opinions and advice helped us to identify constraints and understand opportunities to create an innovative and in-demand product,” she continues.

An information event on UniLab’s support and opportunities will take place on 22 February. Teams that have registered before 24 February will have the opportunity to receive a personal assessment and advice.

“The UniLab project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project No. “RTU Innovation Grants for Students” and project No. “University of Latvia Innovation Grants for Students”.


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