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Blockchain Startup Business Called Blue Ocean Media

Blue Ocean Search specialises in search engine marketing. Blue Ocean provides managed pay-per-click, SEO, and social media services. We also provide training to start-up businesses and consultancy to in-house corporate teams.

Geoff Parker, Managing Director at Blue Ocean Media

My name is Geoff Parker and I have a blockchain start-up business called Blue Ocean Media in the UK.

We are just updating the content on our website to reflect that. I have just finished at Oxford University studying Blockchain Development and am working on a project with some colleagues to put German health records within Oncological Care onto the blockchain using a permissioned system. So we are focusing on web 3 as a whole and this will break down into two distinct sections – blockchain and NFTs, as this is where the demand lies. Blockchain breaks down further into two sections, either permissioned and permissionless. Permissioned is where you need permission to access the network, basically like a blockchain but exclusively to a community who have to be allowed in.

These blockchains will revolutionise systems particularly around logistics as we have seen already in the likes of shipping. Permissionless blockchains allow anyone to join the network and as such have a currency attached to them which is where you get the cryptocurrencies. There will be a proliferation in this market as we continue to see new and innovative solutions.

Both permissioned and permissionless blockchains are costly to establish and maintain and marketing for these is targeted as VC funds, PE houses, and private family offices. NFTs are more accessible and can revolutionise smaller companies and will have a bigger impact on society.

We are very much in the infancy of this journey. Marketing for this will be across traditional digital means, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and web2. But we are also seeing how marketing with Discords is hugely important to promote NFTs and also gain new clients and customers.

What your startup is about?

Our start-up is about web 3 marketing. We offer digital media marketing and development for web 3 companies.

What is the story behind your company?

We have been experienced in web 2 since 2005. We have seen the mainstream adoption of websites, eCommerce, search engines, youtube, apps, and social media platforms so much so that this digital media is engrained in our lives in the way newspapers were the information resource 100 years ago. From working in web 2 we are now seeing a cross-over into the web 3 space and how blockchain can be integrated into social and business. We were first approached to develop and market an NFT range for a client which became a very comprehensive project. We were then asked to develop a permissioned blockchain for a medical provider in Germany. This is how we have come to work in web 3

What does success mean to you and your company?

Success for our company is to create a great project and have happy clients. Some of our clients have been working with us for well over 10 years. Creating a great piece of digital real estate, be it a website or a blockchain, or a piece of artwork, is no different from being a housebuilder creating luxury apartments. We are here to create great assets for clients which we can look back on and say “we did that”.

What is your plan of action for the next 5 years to sustain and grow your business?

Our plan is to sustain and develop over the next 5 years in a 3 pronged approach

  • Deliver excellence for customers
  • Build up our marketing strategically targeting areas of significant adoption of blockchain and NFTs in both society and business that we can fulfill for companies.
  • Recruit top talent

Who are your biggest competitors, and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

This is a very new sector. There are a few companies who are developing into web 3 however we want to continue our philosophy of “Blue Oceans” where we create our own market and not focus on competing with others within a siloed sector.

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